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Design is a Seduction

You have to grab the heart and soul of the occupants or viewer and engage their senses and emotions. Bring them to the edge of their perceptions and then tuck them in with a kiss.

Jae Omar
Meet Jae Omar

Jae Omar, the founder and creative force behind Jae Omar Design brings a unique sensibility to his work as one of the emerging forces in contemporary design. Taking a conceptual approach to design challenges, his inspiration comes from the natural world and our unbreakable relationship with it.

“I’m in constant awe of how elements in nature are so fiercely independent and yet so completely inter-dependant. The sky, mountains, sand and trees: Each part not only survives within but contributes to the delicate balance of the larger picture. My entire life in design is trying to achieve that.”

Originally from Boston, Omar lived for several years in Europe, spending his free time studying classic architecture and design. Later moving to Southern California, he discovered a love of the region’s mountains and desert environs, along with the philosophical foundation of Minimalism. All of these influences have come together in his unique design style, which redefines the boundaries between art and design, passion and purpose.

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Soul. Style. Substance.
Design is only
the beginning.

When I commit to a project, it becomes storytelling. The better the story, the better the outcome.

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